La galerie Anne Sophie Duval est heureuse de vous inviter à une conversation entre
Salomé Lippuner, Sylvain Dubuisson et Sandra Carigliano à l’occasion de la parution du livre "The Timeless Glow of Lacquer" édité aux éditions Gourcuff
Le mercredi 24 Janvier à 19h

Salomé Lippuner, c...

On January 1st of the new year 2024, a large earthquake occurred mainly in the Noto Peninsula. Wajima City, the production center of Wajima Lacquerware that we know so well, also suffered great damage. Ms. Rabea Gebler, who is now in Yamanaka Lacquerware Industrial Technology Center & Wood Turning T...

Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Crafts, Urushi Art

Kanazawa College of Art, Crafts Digital Processing Room

At Kanazawa College of Art, students are able to use the latest digital equipment owned by the Faculty of Crafts. Students are also given assignments using digital technology in their classes.

3D printer: Create a substrate for lacquer art,...

A daytime vocational school where people can learn traditional Yamanaka Rokuro techniques for two years, and a variety of courses related to Urushi lacquer art held at night.

Mit grosser Vorfreude auf die kommende Woche lade ich Alle ein zur Ausstellung in Paris!

C’ est avec grand plaisir que je vous invite à l’exposition à Paris!

With great pleasure I invite everybody to my exhibition in Paris!

Salome Lippuner


Salomé Lippuner, a jo...

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